August 10, 2014 at 9:29 pm

Clubs/Coaches/Players/ Client Our Organization represents Clients throughout the football industry, managing career development, player representation, media rights and sponsorship, Youth development. As FIFA Agents we are qualified experts to deal with legal issues from contract work to disciplinary matters. We represent players from Academy Level to Premiership. Due to our expanding professional reputation, we also receive instruction from other agencies, on a subcontract and/or referral basis to place their players within the Premiership, the English Football League and Scottish Premier League, MLS, Qatar, Oman, and many others nationals leagues. In addition we also promote and help well renowned Coaches with UEFA A licenses as well as aspiring Coaches to established, and get great contract in the world. Our Clients list also extends to Premier League, Championship and Football League clubs. Our ever expanding Club/Players/Coaches Clients use our expertise and reputation to not only find quality professional players and coaches, but also to assist them in the transfer of current players to other Clubs.