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We provide comprehensive and thorough professional consultations, coaching, and training in the Field of soccer, to enable players, coaches, and referees to make the most of available opportunities (Trainees, Clubs and Club managers player’s agents scouts) worldwide in every phase of one’s soccer carreer. We use our extensive highly interactive social platform, player, coach, and FIFA player’s Agent Databases with individuals and club profiles to create the right connections effectively and quickly. We provide access to reputable organizations and individuals in the world of soccer to those who seek new opportunities.

Our job is to assist our clients reaching their goals, plan for the future. Removing the burdens of bureaucracy from their shoulders to have them focused on their profession is our main objective. We help our clients on & off the field, to succeed in their career. With a customize service and “one on one” attention that cannot be surpassed by any other organization. The field of professional athlete can be a great and unique, but it is important that every athlete has the right advice, guidance and counsel to make the most of this opportunity. Our mission is to provide operational excellence both in managing the professional athlete’s career and in supplying for the professional sports organizations, performing athletes and well representative individuals for the best possible outcome.

Our strategy is to provide the best quality of work at competitive prices while focusing on quality control. We give a unique platform to the best professionals on soccer field to realize their dream. Players, clubs, agents, and coaches from all around the world can communicate through our site in order to offer their services or to post their requests

. SCI covers all levels of competition, and all age categories of men’s and women’s soccer. It is available in more than five languages for now, and each listing is automatically translated into the visitor’s language. As soon as you find an interesting listing, you can get immediately the contact data of the responsible person in the area.


About our Founder

CEO of Soccer Connector International
SCI Contract Advisor
Washington, DC

Darios is the CEO of SCI sports management company.  He is a certified SCI Contract Advisor and represents professional football/Soccer players as well as a number of athletes from other sports.
As a leader of a global team of FIFA agents, marketers and advisors, Darios has an extensive network of football team personnel contacts across all professional levels. He leverages this network to create opportunities for his clients/members.  A very skilled contract negotiator , He serves the best interest of his clients and members.
With more than 20 years of sports business experience, Darios has developed innovative marketing and communication strategies for a wide range of clients worldwide in sports properties, media personalities, national and international brands and more.
He has negotiated sponsorships, endorsements, appearances, memorabilia, licensing and various revenue share agreements that have let him to successfully secure a variety of international and national deals.
As a FIFA agent , Darios believes that each successful football contract negotiation should be paired with a robust pipeline of local and national marketing and communication deals.
Over the years, He has grown to be an expert in the field of sports social media. When professional athletes are having issues with social media many of them turn to Darios for innovative solutions to their problems.
He is also the founder of Coulisses Magazine Group, a sports media company, and the owner of CCIA an innovative company in IT and communication. As a graduated in IT, Darios’s team has built countless cutting-edge websites for professional athletes. He has been one of the first Investigative Journalist to used data for online athlete marketing.