Contract negotiation and due diligences (for additional, percentage-based service fee)

  • Our FIFA licensed agents will negotiate the highest contract possible with the best benefits available
  • Our close ties with professional/top teams and clubs will facilitate negotiation process
  • We will provide contract in-depth analysis and recommendations to maximize ourclients’ income
  • Consultation will cover various stages of the contract
  • Player/coach representation and management
  • Design plan that effectively promotes member’s unique skillset
  • Create a visually effective profile outlining member’s skills, talents, and otherbackground
  • Arrange meetings and interface with general managers and coaches
  • Assist in obtaining excellent endorsements and commercial opportunities
  • Maintain representatives worldwide to assure individualized service and attention anywhere
  • Provide marketing and public relations for Player/Coach/Referee throughout soccercareer and after
  • Apply cutting-edge networking interactive solutions, e.g. e-commerce, wireless CD-Rom development, and online marketing  for players, coaches, and referees
  • Provide allocations with professional clubs
  • Offer evaluations by a professional coach/trainer of one’s games
  • Create and evaluate one’s endorsement
  • Assist our clients with press releases, television, and radio exposure
  • Arrange local, national, and international interviews
  • Send profiles and resumes to Football agent service




  • Make available to the members all currents tryouts opportunities available at any given time.


Insurance services

  • Provide advice from top worldwide underwriters on various insurance policies, including life and disability insurance


Relocation assistance


  • Travel services
  • Planning
  • Assistance(counsel) with visas and other legal foreign country requirements
  • Other travel insurance


Career Assistance

  • Provide member’s unique background analysis
  • Assist in drafting and revising resume and cover letter
  • Identify job opportunities(in soccer industry)
  • Provide access to educational and training opportunities and scholarships (including access and assistance obtaining sports scholarship to study in the US and EU)
  • Media training
  • Professional personal soccer training and coaching
  • International soccer workshops, courses, and other educational opportunities


Other benefits

  • Discounts on soccer game tickets
  • Free admission to SCI seminars, workshops, and coaching sessions
  • Discounts on camps and popular programs
  • Subscription to monthly newsletter and magazine on professional development in soccer listing: latest opportunities and developments related to soccer in law, finances, career development, public relations, and marketing, as well as personal and professional management.