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How does it work?

If you or anyone you know who needs/wants to be represented by a well renowned company anywhere in the world contact us with yours/ theirs information and we will place your referral. Or if you or anyone you know is a soccer player, a coach, a club manager and is trying to get a contract whether a Amateur or a professional you can contact us. Simply mail or email us a copy of your membership application and when you are approved as a member, we will go through all the process step by step with until you reach your desired goal. See FAQs for more info.



Who Can Join

Those who:

  • Who love the game of soccer
  • Have no time for dealing with representation
  • Have another job
  • Have health problems
  • Are going back to school
  • Believe soccer is the next multi-Billion Dollars Business
  • Are moving around the world, have expertise and a good network
  • Are new agents not yet ready for get in the field
  • Cannot afford the many fees and expenses involved in being a soccer player agent
  • Soccer Coaches
  • Soccer Scooter
  • Soccer Players(Professional and Amateurs alike)
  • Club Managers

If you already have a soccer player agent license, a coaching license, anywhere in the world you can simply joins SoccerConnectorInternational.

If your license has expired and you want to be reinstated, this is the place to be to have fresh and up to date information about what going on in the soccer industry currently.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the costs involved in being a member of SoccerConnectorInternational?

The initial fee is $100 if you join Jan.-June and then, you are billed every Jan. for annual dues of $100. The only other costs involved are the fees to renew your license(for players and player’s agent) with the country (fees vary by country or states),the fees for shipping you membership card when needed, and the cost of CE courses, if required.

  • How do I Join?

Email: info@soccerconnectorinternational.com for the paperwork to join. Please be sure to let us know what country you are licensed in and which category you are applying for (Player, Coach, Agent, club); let us know whether you are transferring from another Agency. We will be happy to send you the appropriate paperwork. You can also call us at 571-337-1654.

  • How much can I really make on a referral?

When a referral settles, SoccerConnectorInternatioan is paid a commission fee and we split that with you on a 10/90 basis.

How much of a referral fee should I ask for?

When you are placing a referral directly with an agent yourself, the referral fee is an agreement between the two of you, but 25%-35% is pretty standard. It can be more or less, depending on your agreement. In this case SoccerConnectorInternatioanl still get the remaining of the split (75%-65%)

  • Do I still have to maintain my license active when l’m a member of SCI?

YES! While you, as an agent, a player, a coach are members, your license should be in an active status and be renewed, as usual.

  • Can I get a referral on a contract of myself? 

No! You cannot refer yourself in a category that you subscribe in as a member.

  • If I know an agent I want my client to work with, can I use that agent or do I have to go through you?

If you know an agent, you can go directly to that agent, using your Customer/Client Referral form as your referral agreement. If you do not know an agent, just call us with your client’s info and we will take care of it!

  • What do you need from me when I place a referral?

If we are placing the referral for you, we always need at least their name, address, contact info and any important info you want to pass along to us. If you are placing a referral directly with an agent, please just fax us a copy of your signed referral agreement for our records.

  • How can I promote myself as a soccer players’ agent?

Simply click on “Already a Member” above and select the link under “Marketing Resources” for several suggestions. ANY promotion done must be approved through SoccerConnectorInternational to ensure compliance with advertising laws and copyrights.

Whenever possible, we strive to find the best options for our members (Players, Coaches, and Clubs). We used our network to connect our members with the best possible fit for them: agents/coaches/clubs; who are part of the Leading soccer industry of the World. Please visit the website for more info on this network of soccer agents, soccer coaches, and soccer clubs. These partners (Agents, Coaches and clubs), are held to very high standards of customer service and hold the dominant market share in the areas of interest. These are top notch Agents/Coaches and we only expect the best from them!


Benefits of Joining

  • You are able to maintain an active license (so you are ready to go if an opportunity comes).
  • You can earn lucrative income by being paid for settled referrals.
  • You can make referrals to or from anywhere in the world.
  • You can also refer entire organizations (companies, associations, and clubs).
  • You have a team of professionals taking care of your business for you.
  • You have the most current information on what’s going on in the soccer industry worldwide.
  • You can live anywhere in the world and still be a member and make referrals, and have SCI taking care of you.
  • You do not worry about legal, and complicated terms in contracts/agreements; we do it for you
  • You do not worry about work contract, travel arrangement, and some visas procedures we take care of that; at reasonable fees.
  • You do not pay for errors and omissions insurance.
  • You can receive discounts on the purchase of travel tickets, insurance, hotel rooms.
  • You are eligible for membership through CCIA.
  • You receive unsurpassed company support.



Already A Member?

  • Helpful Links & Notices
    • Soccer Players Agents Examination
    • law of the game
    • FIFA.Com
    • USSF.COM
  • Marketing Resources – The Tools You Need to Succeed

Among other items, here you will find an order form for various promotional items available to your through our approved vendor, McCabe’s Printing Group. You will also find a link to another approved online reputable resource that can offer you promotional items such as Magnetic Calendars, Notepads & Sport Schedules that you can attach your business card to and mail to your clients-no need to pay to personalize! You can order directly from that website. Check back often for more resources/links.

Follow this link for more information regarding marketing resources.

  • Other Benefits

Here you will find more information on some of the other benefits associated with membership.

  • Forms

Follow this link to our repository of useful forms, or click on forms at the home page.


Marketing Resources

Other Benefits

Contact us for more information on: