The corps of officials that I assign to officiate soccer games to my client list is extremely capable and uniformly professional, dedicated to putting forth their respective best individual efforts in each match and allowing the players to be the stars of the soccer fields.  We stress fairness, fun, competitiveness, and player safety.

Our officials have substantial experience, ranging from FIFA Referees, USSF National Referees, USSF State Referees, NISOA college officials, VISOA college officials, and National Federation of High School/Virginia High School League playoff certified officials.  Many of our officials have been appointed to professional assignments in Major League Soccer, W-League, PDL, and USL.  Other officials have been selected to represent their respective state referee associations at State Cup, US Soccer Regional/National Championship tournaments, USASA National Cups competitions, and USASA Veterans Cup.   Other officials in the corps are on the respective paths to those match assignments.

Our officials are fluent in English and also have proficiency in Spanish, French, and Arabic.

If you are interested in being assigned to games, please complete the below form or email me at or Thank you for your consideration.


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Prince William Soccer Referees Association

The Prince William Soccer Referees Association (PWSRA) is an independent association of referees located in eastern Prince William Co., Virginia. We are located about 25 miles south of the nation’s capital. We provide referees for the rec programs for Prince William Soccer Inc., one of the largest soccer organizations in Virginia, as well as for PWSI’s travel teams that play in the Old Dominion Soccer League and Club Champions League. In addition, many of our referees take assignments in other competitive youth leagues plus adult amateur matches in the D.C. area. Our referees are certified through the United States Soccer Federation and are part of the Metro DC – Virginia State Referee Program.

If you want to become a referee, be sure to read our section on Becoming a Referee.

Looking to the future.

We are here and plan to be around to serve our Associates (Referees) and selected leagues for many years to come. We are committed to the assignment of qualified, adequately compensated, officials at all levels in support of THE GAME! And to the maintenance of the independent status of those officials.

BRYC Soccer Referee Program

The BRYC Soccer Referee Program seeks to assign the best possible referees to officiate our youth recreational and ODSL soccer games.  Whether your goal is to better understand the Laws of the Game, improve your leadership skills, or provide our players a great soccer experience, we have a place for you.  Referees are paid for each assigned game they officiate, and we have a very generous bonus program that pays after only five recreational games.  Recreational (house) games are usually played on Saturdays; ODSL (travel) games are usually played on Sundays.

Complete the Game Preference Form to receive e-mails of games available and other information.

Sign up to attend classes for New Referees, or learn about future classes.

Contact us immediately if you are a Returning Referee and were unable to attend our recertification clinics in December.  We may be able to assist you in finding another class.

To better serve our referee membership and customers, The Central Virginia Soccer Referees Association has deployed this version of the web site. If you are interested in finding out how to become a USSF (United States Soccer Federation) certified soccer referee, please call the CVSRA hotline at (804) 744-4900 or e-mail the head assignor at If you already are a USSF certified referee and would like to referee games in the Richmond area, please contact one of our assignors. THERE IS ALWAYS A NEED FOR MORE REFEREES!!!